Dove cleansing bars

Last year I did a post on two Dove products that were my new favourites – the Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion and the Purely Pampering Beauty Cream Bar. Both products really helped soothe my dry skin in winter, and I continued to reach for them both during our hot summer.

Dove recently introduced their new beauty bar range which includes: Fresh Touch, Shea Butter, Gentle Exfoliating, and the Original Beauty Cream Bar. These beauty bars promise to leave your skin feeling smoother, softer, and more radiant which is exactly what you want in winter! After using these beauty bars for a few days, your cleansing routine will start feeling more and more like a daily beauty treatment that you can enjoy at home – leaving you feeling happier, more confident, and beautiful!

I was sent these beauty bars to try out and jumped at the chance to use my old favourite – the Shea Butter Beauty Bar – first. Next I plan on trying out the Pure Sensitive one as my skin is starting to become increasingly sensitive as the air gets drier and more chilly. After that, I plan on trying out the Gentle Exfoliating one, and then Go Fresh.

Dove beauty bars really are one of the few products that don’t dry out my skin further in winter, and stop it from itching. I’m quite excited to see the results after using the new ones!