Moving overlay… you are indeed correct. I have moved into a new place and wasn’t able to take leave last week, so I moved at night after I had finished work for the day. There were so many variables that contributed to me moving like this, and in hindsight, I should have rather moved over a weekend so that I could rest properly. I really had forgotten just how tiring and stressful moving is, and as a result I am sick with a chest infection at the moment. Aargh…  I’m almost done unpacking, and can’t wait to finally be done with all that. I don’t have an internet line yet which is super frustrating, and am holding thumbs that Telkom and Mweb can sort that out for me in the next week or two. I am going to write some posts in the meantime and will make use of my brother’s internet, or the coffee shop’s, to post them. Hopefully I’ll be settled soon and can get into my new routine!