Valentine – who cares?

Long gone are the days when when being single on Valentine’s Day is frowned upon. The latest limited edition range – Valentine – who cares? – from Essence is bold, edgy, and encourages you to celebrate your individuality, while having fun with your bestie. Whether you are planning girl’s night out with your bestie or simply chilling indoors […]

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Brett Robson launches her first collection

One of the Instagram profiles that I love following belongs to Brett Robson – a well-known South African fashion blogger. She is incredibly talented when it comes to putting outfits together, and I really love her style! I was super excited when I found out that she has launched her first clothing collection called Brett Robson. Inspired by some of […]

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Dove’s new beauty bar range

Last year I did a post on two Dove products that were my new favourites – the Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion and the Purely Pampering Beauty Cream Bar. Both products really helped soothe my dry skin in winter, and I continued to reach for them both during our hot summer. Dove recently introduced their new beauty bar […]

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