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TOPSHOP Personal Styling, the premium, complimentary shopping service that gives access to the latest arrivals, the hottest trends and styling inspiration in the comfort of a private dressing suite, has played an integral role in the success story of the British TOPSHOP brand. Juanita Van Zyl, Personal Stylist at the TOPSHOP Sandton City store, is responsible for ensuring that the local service and experience is just as outstanding.



Joining the TOPSHOP team in July 2014, Juanita is well-equipped for the demanding title. With a BA Degree in Arts and Fashion from LISOF, Juanita began her fashion career job-shadowing at Styling Concepts in 2012, where she was responsible for the sourcing of merchandise for shoots. During this time, Juanita also worked as a stylist for both Kaylene West Styling and The VIP Room, which involved the sourcing and styling of shoots for magazines, television commercials, CD covers and music videos. Juanita joined Iman Cosmetics as the Marketing and PR Manager in 2014 where she was responsible for the marketing of the new product in South Africa as well as sponsorships, trend reports and the management of both stock and stockists.

Juanita is thrilled to be part of the TOPSHOP team, especially in the capacity of the Sandton City Personal Stylist. She believes that there is a need for personal styling as many people are unsure of how to dress for their size or shape. Priding herself on a firm understanding of body types and how to best enhance them, Juanita refutes the belief that a personal stylist is only relevant to people with no style. Rather, she believes that the service is designed to benefit every customer, whether in the form of a useful tip or in providing an entirely new way for a customer to view their body.

 “I want my clients to change the way they see themselves; to go bigger and bolder. I always encourage them to go for the more daring look and to move away from being safe. I love spending time with my clients and building relationships with them” Juanita Van Zyl.

Juanita cites the wide assortment of product and large number of trends on offer at TOPSHOP at any one time as another reason for the need for the in-store service:

“TOPSHOP can be a very difficult brand to understand. The fact that there are at least two or more individual trends in the store can overwhelm any customer. A Personal Stylist assists in creating an understanding of the pieces and creates outfits out of one or more of the trends in store.”

Located in a separate, beautifully designed Personal Styling section in the Sandton City store’s Fitting Room area, Personal Styling customers are assigned an appointment with Juanita to help them find exactly what they need. Specific appointments are available to any TOPSHOP customer, ranging from a complete wardrobe overhaul, packing for a holiday getaway, a quick lunchtime fashion fix or helping to find the perfect pair of jeans or outfit for a special occasion.

Hand-picked for her experience, passion and undeniable flair for styling, Juanita assists customers of any age with any styling requirement. Offering an intrinsic knowledge of the TOPSHOP brand and product, Juanita ensures that each customer receives the most out of their visit to the TOPSHOP Sandton City store & Personal Styling experience.

TOPSHOP Personal Styling appointments may be made via email:

The Personal Styling Sandton City service is completely complimentary!

I was luckily enough to meet Juanita in person and see some of the outfits she had put together the other night.

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Afterwards, I got to browse through the store before the payday masses arrive, which was a real treat. Here are some of my favourite items.




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