sorbet body butter

I’m a sucker for body butters, and even more of a sucker for products that smell like citrus. After looking at the different Sorbet body butters in Clicks, I ended up choosing this one because it said it was formulated with tangerine (yummy!), calendula oil, shea butter and vitamin E. In case you are worried that you might end up smelling like a tangerine all day, you won’t because the scent isn’t overpowering at all. (I, however, wouldn’t mind smelling like one all day.) The cream itself is lighter than the other body butters I have, which is great for summer. I got sunburnt last Saturday and this is the first product I reached for when I climbed out of the shower. My skin definitely felt better after applying loads of this.

You can purchase Sorbet’s products from Sorbet beauty salons or from Clicks stores. I got this body butter on special for around R40 at Clicks the other day, which is really affordable if you are looking for a new body butter that will soothe your skin, is light enough for summer, and smells great. If tangerine isn’t what you are looking for, perhaps try the other body butters that they have in their range.