The true test of a nail polish for me is

  • the duration it stays on my nails without chipping
  • the time it takes to dry
  • its consistency

I am pretty hard on my nails so I choose to keep them short because they are paper thin and break easily. I bought this Essie shade – Too Too Hot – on special at Dischem (Merino Cool was the other one I got that day because they had a discount if you bought two shades) and this Essie polish has turned out to be amazing! I have worn it effortlessly on my nails for 5 days before the first chip appeared. F-i-v-e whole days! This is a record for me because I usually only manage to get to 3 days and a chip appears so I end up taking my polish off.

This shade dries very quickly which is a bonus because lately I can never manage to sit still for long enough to let my nail polish dry. The quicker it dries the better for me because then there’s less chance of me smudging it.

I am also quite critical of nail polishes and their consistency. I hate nail polishes that are thin and streaky and require 3 coats to look good on my nails. I also hate thicker nail polishes that never dry 100% and either crease when I sleep at night or get bubbles in the finish. This polish has just the right consistency and I only needed two shades of it.

All in all this pretty shade ticked all 3 criteria boxes for me and I am very happy with it. It’s also a nice bright, bold colour for winter that brightened my outfits up. I love my darker shades for this time of year, but when I bought Merino Cool I felt like I needed a brighter shade to balance things out and ended up chosing this one.

Do you have any nail polishes that last for a long time before they chip? I would love to hear which brands and colours work for you. I have other Essie shades that chip in a day and I’ve had a variety of people tell me why this happens, so you can never be 100% sure that all colours from a brand will be as long lasting. On the whole though, Essie has been a firm favourite of mine for a few years now because the majority of the shades I have last well.

I would definitely recommend this shade if you are as picky about nail polish as I am.