A few months back Glamglow sent me a box full of some pretty awesome products to try out. I hadn’t heard about Glamglow before then (yip, never before) but when the teasers started appearing on social media about the brand coming to SA I started researching it.

The Glamglow Glowsetter Make-up Setting Spray was one of the products I was sent to try out and even though I’d be more likely to use a setting spray in summer when my make-up shines a bit, our winter hasn’t been particularly cold this year and I’ve not had to switch my foundation to one for dry skin, so I’ve been using this to set my make-up.

Glamglow skincare has this very pretty scent, which I don’t know how to describe, but it smells a little like marshmallow sweets to me and I absolutely love it! I generally like skincare that smells fresh and clean, but this sweet smell is a little addictive.

I’ve used the Glowsetter spray to set my foundation before I apply the rest of my make-up, as well as a finishing mist after I’ve finished doing my face. Compared to other setting sprays I’ve used, I’ve found I need to hold this one quite a bit closer to my face when I spritz it on in the morning. It’s done a really good job of keeping my make-up in place for a whole day, and hasn’t irritated my sensitive and blemish prone skin at all. I’m quite keen to see how it fares in summer when my skin is oilier and my foundation ends up being shinier quicker during the day. Apart from using it in the morning when doing your make-up, you can also spritz some on during the day when you need a little extra hydration.

The Glowsetter spray is made with:

  • A caffeine infusion which helps to wake up dull skin and instantly boost radiance, and
  • a TEAOXI® complex of green, white, and red teas (a blend known to fight environmental stressors).

A tip I’ve read up on for this setting spray is that you should keep it in the fridge to give yourself an energized spritz in the morning before leaving the house. Make sure you avoid your eye area when spritzing this on your face.

Glamglow products are a splurge for me price-wise, but if you have some extra cash to spoil yourself, it’s worth trying them out. This Glowsetter spray costs R400 and is 100 ml.

Thank you again Glamglow for sending me this to review.