About 2 months ago I saw a teaser post on Rimmel SA’s Instagram feed that new lip oils were arriving and I was super excited! I can’t get through a day without applying lipstick / lipgloss / lip balm a number of times to my lips to stop them feeling dry and itchy, so I was very keen to try these new lip oils out. I kept checking Dischem and Clicks almost daily to see if they had arrived and finally one day I saw them on the Rimmel stand! I almost walked straight past them because they look very similar to the lipglosses, but these are different in that they are very bright and colourful and have the “Oil Tint” logo on them.

Choosing one shade was not easy, so I ended up leaving Dischem with 2 that day. I chose the pink tint for days when I feel like having a “no make-up make-up day” and the coral one for when I want more colour on my lips without having to wear lipstick. These tints are pigmented and you will notice that the pigment deepens a little bit more post application.

I have worn them a number of times and really like these glosses because they are:

  • Pigmented (you can also apply them over lipliner)
  • Formulated with 4 oils (coconut, pomegranate, abyssinian and daikon radish seed)
  • Not sticky or gooey
  • Non-drying
  • Glossy

The only thing I would change about these oil tints is increase the number of shades available and add in a nude shade. You can find the Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Oil Tints at most retailers that stock Rimmel products, and they cost R89.95 each which I think is a super affordable price!