4 november overlay

4 november essie overlay

I only had a chance last night to post my Mani Monday pic on Instagram, so now I finally have some time to post it here. Initially when I painted my nails on Sunday, I chose a white pearl colour from Essie. For some reason the polish kept streaking and wouldn’t dry so I took everything off my nails and started again. I then changed my mind on the colour I wanted, and ended up painting Demure Vix from Essie on my nails. I had forgotten what a pretty colour it is! And the major highlight about this polish is that I didn’t apply a topcoat, and I’m now on my third day without any chipped nails! It’s a pretty nude-pink that has a slight pearl-like shimmer to it. So if you aren’t a fan of reds or corals or pastels, this is a good bet for you.