Fun in the Sun

Sunshine, dips in the pool and sundowners on the beach may be some of the things we love most about summer, but the fact of the matter remains that our hair doesn’t always love the effects of the warmer months. Hair care expert and renowned trichologist, Dr John Gray shares his best tips on how to ensure our locks and tresses continue to look healthy, shiny and gorgeous, leaving us free to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Summer Never Leave Us

“The sea, sun, excessive heat, as well as styling product build-up can really take it out of your hair and while you may want to look your best for the summer holidays, there are no quick fixes for hair that has turned dry and brittle due to excessive exposure to the elements. Only by getting to the root of your problems will you enjoy long-lasting healthy hair,” explains Dr Gray.

Looking and feeling glam every day of the summer holidays is every fashion conscious girl’s dream, which is why Dr Gray has shared his top 10 tip for protecting our hair this summer, so that our hair remains beautiful long after the sunnier months have ended:  

Moisture First: Moisturising your hair is key to the wellbeing of your hair because the sun breaks down its protein (keratin). By conditioning using Pantene’s range of 2-minute masques to suit every hair need or making use of a leave-in conditioner you can ensure that permanent damage doesn’t set-in

A Hat Affair:  Nothing says summer like a glam wide-brimmed hat or a quirky fedora so be sure to don those fashionable head-pieces. Not only will you look fabulous but you’ll be providing your hair with full protection from the sun’s harsh rays

Sun Block: Your skin is not the only part of your body that requires UV protection. Make sure you select hair care products that promise UV protection for your lock

Avoid Hair DIY: While using peroxide, lemon juice or alcohol-based products to give your hair that sun-kissed look may seem like a good idea, you risk causing the strands of your hair to dry out at a much faster rate resulting in unsightly damage

Own that Up-Do: The ends of your hair are the oldest and therefore more prone to damage and breakage. If you’re planning on spending the day in the summer sun consider an up-do that will look amazing and offer protection to the most delicate part of your locks. Add a split end serum like the Pantene split end mender serum to your ends before styling

Rinse and Repeat: Choosing the right hair care range, such as Pantene’s Protect & Shine collection can ensure dyed hair is given the very best protection, as well as a healthy looking shine despite the weather conditions outside

Get Gel Savvy: Avoid product build-up by ensuring you’re not too heavy-handed with gels, oils and sheens prior to going out into the harsh summer sunlight. These types of products heat-up at a rapid rate, burning your hair and drying it out

Tender Loving Care: Give your hair the attention it deserves by making use of a hydrating hair treatment such as Pantene’s 2-minute colour intensive masque. It deeply nourishes coloured or highlighted hair, repairing signs of damage and leaving it with vibrant shine

Put an End to Split-Ends: Split-ends are one of the major hair casualties of summer. Avoid this hair hazard by making use of products, such as Pantene’s Protect & Shine collection, that promise to mend split-ends and offers the ultimate protection week-after-week

Avoid Quick Hair Fixes: A quality hair care regime such as the one offered by Pantene deeply nourishes your hair, maintaining its protein and preserving its natural strength from the core

The Science Behind Healthy Hair

Dr Gray explains the science behind leading hair care range, Pantene: “I always recommend Pantene because it makes hair look beautiful thanks to its Pro-Vitamin B5, or Panthenol, as it is also known. Pro-Vitamins penetrate deep into the cortex of each hair strand remarkably improving hair health, strength and elasticity from deep within.”

“Pantene’s Pro-V compound disperses in water and spreads through the shampoo lather as small molecular structures. As the hair becomes wet and swells, the cuticles become more porous, allowing water to enter easily. At this stage, the water-soluble polymers in the shampoo help deliver Pro-V to the hair strand and as diffusion of the Pro-V molecules occurs, the Pro-V moves from the exterior of the hair into the inner core of the hair. Pro-V is therefore delivered deep into the hair shaft, reaching the core and helping to nourish hair damagaed by the harsh effects of summer,” adds Dr Gray.

Get Summer Ready

Make sure you’re summer ready for the holidays by offering your hair the very best protection from day one. Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin hair treatment capsules help to treat dry and damaged hair. The Pantene Pro-Vitamin formula reinforces the hair shaft, helps to resurface the hair cuticle, and also helps to prevent breakage of the hair shaft. The capsules will leave hair moisturized and silky smooth, and will help protect against future damage.

Do a self-assessment on and find out which Pantene collection best suits your hair needs. Get summer ready with Pantene!