Letibalm 2

Another problem I have in winter is that my lips and nose take major strain from the cold, dry air as well as me constantly blowing my nose and using tissues. I’d seen Letibalm in the aisles of Dischem before but had never purchased it, so I was really excited to receive a Letbalm press drop a little while back with two of the balms inside.

In the press drop, I received the Letibalm Fluid Repair Balm in a tube (R70) and the Repair Balm in a little tub (R70). This may seem a little pricey for these balms, but I am willing to pay any amount for a great product that soothes my lips in winter. The balm in the tube is more gel like than the balm in the tub, and the tube’s angled tip provides for easy application – so there are two options to choose from depending on the type of balm you prefer to use. Letibalm is made with natural decongestants menthol and camphor and is made in Spain.

The thing I love the most about Letibalm, is that this product can be used on both your lips and nose. In winter I always end up carrying two products around, one for my nose and one for my lips, and this product really cares for both. If you have the flu or cold sores, I would suggest keeping two separate products and marking them so you know which one you’ve used where. I’ve seen a definite improvement after using this balm on my nose and lips, and a big thumbs up for me is that it doesn’t burn my skin at all, which some products do when my skin is very irritated and raw.

You can find Letibalm at Dischem, selected Pick n Pay stores and leading pharmacies. If you have young children, there is also a Pediatric Repair Balm that can be used on newborns and children up to the age of eight.

Thank you again for the products Letibalm xxx