Avon royal jelly balm

During winter I am constantly reaching for hand lotions to help moisturise my dry and rough hands which become super sensitive and sore at times. Changing my gel hand wash to one that is more creamy and moisturising is not enough to look after my hands and keep them nourished. Two months ago I saw that Avon had some Avon Care hand creams on sale and I ordered the Royal Jelly one for very dry skin because I’ve used the glycerine and silicon ones before and have been very happy with the results.

When I received the Royal Jelly one for hands, nails and cuticles I eagerly put some on my hands and noticed it was not a cream, but rather a balm. (I didn’t read the label properly.) I’ve tried it a few times during the day and find it is a little sticky, so I’ve opted to rather use it at night when I climb into bed. It has a great smell and has left my hands feeling super soft thanks to the royal jelly it is formulated with. I have been very happy with the results, and will definitely recommend it to anyone who has dry hands like mine that become super sensitive during winter. In the July 2016 Avon brochure, the Avon Care hand creams are 1 for R29 and 2 for 49 which is an unbelievable saving if you – like me – need to stock up on more than one hand cream at a time.