Hills stew

If you follow me on social you’ll know that I adopted the most awesome kitten earlier this year. Jack has transformed my life and I can’t imagine life without him. Just as I like to make sure that I eat healthy food that is good for me, so too do I want the same for him. The vet advised me to give him Hills, instead of the cheaper food I had been giving him which was giving him tummy issues, and Jack absolutely loves it. A long time ago a vet told us to give our dogs food that was more premium to ensure that they get all the nutrients and essentials they need, and he was right. They were healthy, had shiny coats and weren’t sickly.

I wasn’t aware of the amount of research that Hills pursues when creating foods for animals and was completely blown away at their Transforming Lives event when I learnt how much time and money goes into their research to ensure that our fur kids only eat the best.

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I absolutely love animals, have grown up with them my whole life and couldn’t imagine growing up without them. At the Transforming Lives event Hills revealed a website they had built where you as a pet parent can share a picture of your fur baby and a story of your journey together. Seeing these stories on this website makes me smile so much because I love seeing the relationships that exist between pet parents and their fur kids. Nothing upsets me more than seeing neglected or abused animals and I love hearing happy stories where those animals have been adopted and are now enjoying a new and loving life.

One such story is about Skyler whose story upset me so much but brought tears to my eyes when I saw her with her new pet parents who love her to bits! She has also recovered from being terribly neglected and has a new lease on life.

I’m sure those of you who are, or have been, fur parents have some pretty amazing stories to share about your fur kids. Hills, as well as other pet parents like me would love to hear them so visit http://www.HillsTransformingLives.co.za and share them. Hill’s is giving away 50 x R1 000 vouchers every month until December 2016, and one lucky pet parent will win a holiday worth R50 000. Terms and conditions are posted on the website.

Thank you Hills for sending Jack such yummy food to enjoy. He’s loved it so much and as soon as I open the can of stew he starts clawing at me to get to it 🙂

The stew that Jack is enjoying in the first photo is the Hills Feline Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley (Kitten, Adult and Mature Adult) for R14 a can. There is also a Feline Seared Tuna & Carrot Medley (Adult) for R14 a can. The stews are also available in variants for dogs too.

For information ask your vet or contact Hill’s on 0800 228 783 / infoza@hillspet.com.