Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well, when Glo Laser offered me a free treatment and an opportunity to see their new branch in Jozi, they sent me a list of treatments to choose from and the option of a Diamond Peel was obviously the first one that jumped out at me because I was very curious to see what it was all about. (I also had laser hair removal at their Parkview branch last year. If you missed the post you can find it here.)

My skin is pretty awful at the moment as a result of high stress levels and binge eating on chocolate that gives me a sugar high when I am feeling low and having a stressful day at the office (something I really am trying to change, and some days I succeed, and others I don’t), so a peel was exactly what I needed to get rid of dead skin and dirt buildup to clean my pores.

Arriving at a spa and seeing a friendly face is always a great feeling. It’s like bumping into an old friend and you instantly feel at home. Bernadette and I met last year at the Parkview branch and she now works at the Dainfern one. She welcomed me with a huge smile and took me through to the treatment room where she was going to do the Diamond Peel.

Bernadette first showed me the machine she would be using and explained that this treatment is a mechanical exfoliation technique similar to microdermabrasion, through which all excess oil, dead cells and dirt on the surface of the skin get removed to reveal the brighter, younger skin cells underneath. (Exactly what I needed!) This microdermabrasion technology reveals a smoother skin by sloughing off skin impurities.

The FormaTK Diamond Peel treatment uses a diamond-coated disk which allows for peeling and polishing of the skin, and reduces blemishes, fine lines and other skin imperfections. The reason there are various diamond-coated disk sizes is that they are used to target hard-to-reach corners in order to treat the whole face. Your therapist will determine and adjust the system’s settings during your treatment to alter it according to what your skin’s sensitivity is.

Before she began the peel, Bernadette cleansed my face with a Creme Classique soap-free cleanser to remove the make-up I was wearing. This cleanser not only felt great on my skin, but also smelt amazing! She then applied the Aquasonic ultrasound gel to my face to enable the disks to glide along my skin. It was incredibly hot the afternoon that I went for the peel, so I was only too happy to have this cool gel applied to my face. The actual peel is pain free and didn’t hurt me at all. You feel a slight tugging sensation as the disk moves across your skin, but it isn’t sore at all. I relaxed completely during the peel and Bernadette was great at checking in with me during the treatment to see if I was okay.

Once we were done she applied a Lamelle Postcare Hydrater and some sunscreen for me. I was really chuffed with how shiny my skin looked and felt after the peel. It was red in some areas, but these patches quickly disappeared a few hours later. Bernadette said I would most likely peel slightly in a day or two, but I didn’t peel at all. My skin’s texture was much better after the peel, and my breakouts even cleared up.

This treatment is recommended for people who want to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne breakouts or even out a patchy complexion. For optimum results it is recommended that you have 2 to 4 treatments, which take less than an hour each and you don’t have any downtime afterwards.

Diamond Peel Pricing:

  • Face: R 525
  • Face & Neck: R 745
  • Face, Neck & Décolleté: R 875

Thank you to Glo Laser for this peel. I really enjoyed it as well as the results I experienced. My skin now has a beautiful GLO 🙂 It’s always a treat to be a guest at your spas! Glo Laser is in Parkview, Pretoria, as well as Dainfern, Jozi, and you can find out more on their website.