I’m not sure what it is about tiny objects that fascinates me, but if it’s a mini anything, I want it! Minis are cute and dinky and even though you don’t always need them, you know you just have to have them.

When this little container arrived last week, I couldn’t wait to meet my mini-me, and my mini-Jack. It’s not often that you can say that you have a mini version of yourself that you were able to customise and Mini-me.co.za lets you do just that!

My dream is to one day live in a little house, on the coast of Bali, where I can be a freelance writer and live an uncomplicated life with Jack. So when it came to choosing my outfit for my mini-me, an island style outfit was exactly what I wanted. Mini-me’s online store allows you to personalise your Lego, meaning I got to choose my hair colour and style, expression on my face, torso, legs and accessories – as well as my pet. There are hundreds of options for you to choose from, and believe me it’s hard to just choose one person. You get so involved in building little people that you want to create a little army of your own Lego friends! You can create your own fantasy mermaid, or a super hero that you have always secretly dreamed of being.

Once you have chosen the individual parts that make up your person, you move to check-out which offers you a secure PayFast option. There is also a free shipping option if you spend over R300, which is pretty easy to do when you are having fun building people. My order arrived soon after it had been placed, in the cutest little container to make sure no parts were lost.

Mini-me offered this to me as a free gift and I am so happy I tried it out. I have already started thinking about potential Christmas gifts for family as these are great stocking fillers that are one of a kind and have that special touch because they are personalised. The Mini-me prices are really reasonable, and this mini-me with mini-Jack would have cost me R215.

So, if you are stuck for ideas for fun gifts that no one else will have thought of, visit the store and get creating a mini-me!

Thank you so much Mini-me for my gift! 🙂