vaseline-spray-moisturiserI have to admit that it took me a little while to get used to the concept of a moisturiser in a spray can, instead of a tube or tub, and after using the Vaseline Deep Intensive Care Restore Spray Moisturiser for a while, I am now fully converted.

I had seen the Vaseline spray moisturisers online last year and never thought they would come to SA. I could barely contain my excitement when I finally saw that they were being stocked here and I could finally try them out and see what they were like. I purchased the Deep Restore moisturiser at Dischem, and if you are still unsure of whether you will like the product, the Dischem I was in had a tester that the public could use to test the spray cream. I used the tester initially before buying the spray moisturiser and rubbed the cream into my hands while browsing the store. I was satisfied that I liked the light texture and purchased it.

When I got home and tested the spray moisturiser properly, it took me a while to figure out that the cap turns to either open or close the product. So if you are trying to press the cap down to use the cream and aren’t coming right, turn the cap to “Open”. When I sprayed the moisturiser in my hands for the first time, I immediately noticed that it had a much lighter texture to the cream you’ll find in the tubs and tubes, and once I’d rubbed it into my skin it absorbed in seconds. So no more waiting for cream to absorb into your skin before getting dressed! (You can spray the moisturiser directly onto your legs or body, I just prefer putting creams in my hands first and rubbing them together before applying products to my body.)

Even though this cream is called Deep Restore, it’s not a thick cream that will leave you feeling oily or greasy in summer. You can look at how light or rich the creams are by looking at the bottom of the can where you’ll find a key. This key also appears on the other Vaseline moisturisers.

There are currently 3 spray moisturisers available in SA, and each can is 190 ml:

  • Cocoa Radiant
  • Deep Restore (the one I picked)
  • Aloe Soothe

The recommended price for these spray moisturisers is R89.99 per can, and I managed to get mine on special for R64.99 at Dischem. I have also seen these moisturisers on special where you can buy 3 and only pay for 2, so keep an eye out for specials at retailers that stock these products. I’ve enjoyed using this spray moisturiser and will definitely purchase it again, but next time I want to try one of the other two variants that are available.

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