As summer arrives and the temperatures start heating up, I start hunting for a good deo that will keep me cool and fresh for pretty much the whole day. Why do I keep changing my deos every summer you may be asking yourself? Well, after using a deo for a while, my body stops working together with it and as a result the deo is no longer as effective as when I first started using it. It’s like my body becomes immune to the deo’s ingredients.

Shield recently launched their MotionSense™ deos and I picked the Classic Dry one up. I’ve used it for a full month and am extremely impressed with the results. I like a deo that doesn’t smell like heavily scented deo and instead prefer a deo that smells fresh or barely has any scent at all. This Classic Dry deo has a great fresh smell, and after applying it in the mornings once I’m done with my shower, I can go through an entire day without having to check whether I need to reapply it and I don’t feel clammy or sticky at all.

The label on this deo says 48 hours, and although I wouldn’t go for that long without showering, if you were ever in a predicament where your water was cut off, or you were travelling for long durations, this deo will definitely be the one to keep you smelling great.

This new deo range has MotionSense™ technology, and according to the Shield website:

Shield MotionSense™ is the world’s first antiperspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement – giving you bursts of freshness as you move.

So the more you move, the more the microcapsules will be activated. I have experienced this freshness first-hand and would definitely purchase this roll-on deo again. I like the Classic Dry deo, but if you prefer a deo with a slight scent, the MotionSense™ range comes in:

  • Fresh Musk
  • Fresh Confidence
  • Oxygen Fresh
  • Sure Dry
  • Invisible Black and White
  • Sensitive
  • Sexy Bouquet
  • Shower Fresh

If I remember correctly, I paid R21 for this deo which is a little higher than the other deos out there, but totally worth it if you want to stay fresh.