I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the Trinket Trove Designer Arm launch the other night. As soon as I walked into the venue – Light Bulb Studio – I was blown away by the amazing origami that the sisters had used to decorate the venue! I was also excited to finally meet the Trinket Trove sisters, Cassandra and Tamara, and see their jewellery up close. Tamara has been making jewellery since the age of 11, and one day Cassandra had a light bulb moment while watching her at work. It was time they sold Tamara’s jewellery! These two sisters have done incredibly well for themselves since that day, and have turned a hobby into a booming business.



On the invite we were told not to wear any jewellery (which seemed a little odd at first). When I arrived at the event I got to choose a pair of earrings AND a ring. I chose the star fish because I love the beach, and a funky wooden flower ring. We also got to try on some of the jewellery that was on display. Little did I know that we would all be lucky enough to keep one of the necklaces or 3-in-1 wraps that we had tried on.


When I RSVPd to the invite, I was asked to let the sisters know what colour I would like for my designer arm bracelets. I chose taupe because of its versatility. I had absolutely no idea what would be waiting for me at the event. When I left at the end of the evening, I found a little black box with my name on it. It had a beautiful origami bird on top, just like the rest of the decor. I opened it and was speechless! It was the most perfect gift ever, just for me! I would have chosen every single one of those charms – starfish, shells, infinity symbol – and the colour was perfect. I couldn’t wait to wear this very special gift.



Basically the designer arm concept is as follows:

Wear your heart on your sleeve, or for that matter your starfish, bicycle or bird. Our unique designer arm combinations are one of a kind. Stack, mix and match. Wear as one or two. Or any combination that suits you, and your mood. You can even mix and match with other jewellery. To stay true to the uniqueness of Designer Arms we are unable to duplicate or take any specifically designed orders.

I have received so many compliments from people who’ve either seen me wearing the jewellery, or my posts on instagram. If you would like to own some of the Trinket Trove Sisters’ designs, go to their website or facebook page. You can also look at more photos of the launch by searching for #TrinketTwilight on instagram.

Thank you again Cass and Tam for spoiling me so much at your event! I love all of my Trinket Trove jewellery.