In August last year, I did a blog post on the Maybelline products that were on my wish list. The first product on my wish list was The Nudes palette, which I saw for the first time while watching one of Still Glamorus’ YouTube videos.

I aspire to do my make-up as flawlessly as she does hers, and love seeing the looks she creates with different products. After seeing her review of the palette and the finished look she created with it, I knew I needed this palette in my life! I tweeted Maybelline SA in the hope that they would answer my dreams and say that it would eventually be available in South Africa … unfortunately, it was wishful thinking as they said they wouldn’t be bringing it in.

In December my mom and I decided to do a joint order from Amazon and I was super excited when I found out that Amazon would deliver this palette to SA. I ordered it for $7.19 (about R85, excluding customs fees etc.) and within two weeks it arrived  – which was not bad over the Christmas period.

L'Oreal palette

L'Oreal palette 2L'Oreal swatchesL'Oreal palette 3I have literally used this palette almost every day since receiving it. The colours blend smoothly, the shadow doesn’t fall on to my cheeks while applying it, the payoff is amazing, and it doesn’t crease! The 3 colours marked above are the ones I have used the most. I generally prefer shimmery colours, but after watching Still Glamourous’ video again, I think I need to use the matte ones a bit more too. I am really happy with this palette and for the life of me don’t know why Maybelline has decided not to bring it in. Loads of people have asked me where I got mine and they’ve all said that they wished we had it in SA.

If you are thinking about ordering from Amazon, there is a handy filter that you can use that will show you which products they do ship to SA. If you are thinking of ordering, why not see if a friend wants to order something too and then you can split the costs.

I would definitely buy this palette again if mine was finished!