Ponds face wash

3 weeks ago I started using the POND’S Complete Solution face wash and have really been chuffed with how happy my skin has been. I have super sensitive skin so finding a skincare product that doesn’t irritate my skin or make it breakout, is not an easy task. I am happy to report that I’ve not suffered from any breakouts in the last month which is amazing considering it’s summer and we’re currently experiencing a heatwave.

So what exactly is in this facial foam that’s been specially formulated for skin that is dull, oily and prone to spots. Well, it contains four powerful ingredients that enable teens (and adults) to achieve a new standard of clear, even tone skin.

  1. Salicylic acid > Clears spots by removing 99% of spot causing bacteria.
  2. Herbal clay > Helps control oil, reduces redness, calms skin and reduces blemishes.
  3. Scrub beads > Exfoliates, smooths and reduces the appearance of dark spots as well as tightens pores.
  4. Brightening essence > Reduces dullness, making skin brighter.

This facial foam comes in 3 sizes, so if you are a bit weary about buying the large tube at first, get yourself the smaller one and see if you are happy with that. If you are, then you can get the bigger one and save the smaller one for when you travel.

POND’S complete solution™ spot clear even tone is available at most retailers for:

15 ml R 6.99

50 ml R 32.99

100 ml R 49.99

Ponds selfie

If you’re curious about the #PondsNoFilter hashtag that I used on my spot-less selfie pic on Instagram, why not click here. You could see your selfie on a POND’S billboard!