Generally when you’ve had a bad experience with a product, you tend to stay away from the brand for good. Well, sometimes you need to go back and try the products again and see what happens. I have always loved the smell of the original Pantene range and remember clearly when it first came out. The products left my hair feeling unbelievably soft, but the downside was that my hair started falling out and so I stopped using it.

That would be classified as a bad experience. So why would I go back to a brand again? Over the years brands review and revamp their product formulas and ingredients to improve them and because of this I decided to try Pantene again because they have done just that. I tested the Moisture Renewal Revitalising Shampoo and Conditioner in 2014 and was part of a blogger trial in 2015 for the Aqualight Shampoo and Conditioner and can happily say I am a fan of both of these ranges.

A few weeks ago Pantene sent me the Pro-V Repair and Protect range to review together with the Moisture Renewal Deep Moisture Soufflé, the Smooth and Sleek Frizz Fighter Cream and the Smooth and Sleek Deep Strengthening Masque.

The Repair and Protect range is great for putting moisture into your hair to protect it  as well as repair it from up to six months of damage. My hair is in pretty good shape but has taken a beating from all the antibiotics I have had this year which always tends to dry my hair out and make it prone to breaking. The new Pantene Pro-V range contains Histidine, which is an amino acid that works to the core of your hair to make it stronger, shinier and visibly healthier. The Pro-V range also has some pretty awesome stats!

“The Pantene Pro-V range will erase the damage of 100 blow dries, allow you to dry 30 styles in just as many days, and ensure your hair stands heat of up to 230 degrees celsius. Your hair will end up being less likely to break, fall out or split, and it will hold colour for longer with a healthy-looking shine.”

The Repair and Protect collection promises that:

Regular use of Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner prevents cuticle damage, keeping hair’s moisture management barrier intact. This ensures hair stays hydrated and reduces dryness and dullness.

It also improves smoothness and silky feel. Friction between strands is reduced and hair is so soft and smooth that you can run your fingers through your hair without it getting tangled.

Finally, Pantene Repair & Protect reduces hair frizz for better style retention and no flyaways.

I have been really impressed with the shampoo and conditioner because after using them my hair has been very soft and manageable and doesn’t get greasy too quickly.

The Smooth and Sleek Frizz Fighter Cream is a rich frizz-fighting creamy formula with micro-smoothers to protect your hair against humidity to help keep frizz from forming. (This product was ideal for when we had a week of rain in Jozi following Tropical Cyclone Dineo.) My hair normally frizzes at the first hint of moisture in the air and the first sign of drizzle, and when it does frizz it really kills my happy mood. I don’t use the soufflé and frizz cream at the same time, but rather interchangeably depending on the weather forecast for the day ahead. I don’t put too much cream in my hands as I don’t usually need more than a dollop the size of a 20 cent coin. I smooth it into my damp hair and then proceed to heat style it. It isn’t sticky or hard and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all.

I have to admit that I am particularly lazy when it comes to hair masques. I never know which order to use them in with other products and because I try shower as quickly as possible, I don’t give the masques adequate time for my hair to absorb them. I have decided that Sunday nights are pamper night, so am making sure I use a masque once a week at least. The Smooth and Sleek Deep Smoothening Masque is an intensive treatment that, like the frizz fighter cream, locks out humidity to keep frizz from forming. After you have washed your hair with the Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner, apply this masque to your hair and leave in for 2 minutes (which is far more doable than other masques that need to be left in for 5 to 8 minutes) before rinsing out. Then you can either leave your hair to air dry or heat style it.

pantene souffle 2pantene souffle

Saving the best product for last! The Moisture Renewal Deep Moisture Soufflé really blew me away. It has the most awesome consistency when you dispense some into your hands. It’s creamy, light and has a meringue-like appearance. It’s a leave-in treatment that is easy to apply to your hair when damp and sinks in immediately without leaving your hair feeling sticky or hard before heat styling it.

This air-whipped Pantene Pro-V formula with Pro-Vitamin B5 and a blend of 4 moisturisers locks in moisture for 24 hours and transforms your dry hair into intensively moisturised silky soft hair.

I like products that leave my air looking and feeling great and that are no-fuss and easy to use. The soufflé and frizz fighter cream are part of my daily routine now and help me keep my wavy hair under control.

I would definitely purchase these products again because during the last two weeks of heavy rain in Jozi, they have left my hair smooth and easy to manage. Thank you Pantene for sending me these products to try out.

  • Pantene Repair & Protect 400 ml (Shampoo + Conditioner) R69.99 each
  • Pantene Repair & Protect 750 ml (Shampoo + Conditioner) R109.99 each
  • Pantene Gold Deep Moisturising Soufflé (Leave-in Treatment) available while stocks last R74.99
  • Pantene 24-hr Smooth and Sleek Frizz Fighter Cream R74.99
  • Pantene Smooth and Sleek Deep Smoothening Masque R48.95

*This post is sponsored by Pantene.