Dove recently launched their new Advanced Hair Series in SA, and it includes the Dove Oxygen Moisture range and the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range. I’ve tried both of these ranges, and definitely prefer the Oxygen Moisture range for summer! My hair has been through a number of colour changes this year, and ended up becoming brittle and losing its shine and body. I have fine hair, which is wavy, and I straighten it most days so I use a lot of heat styling tools. (I’ve now made a conscious effort to let my hair air dry more often now that it’s summer.)

Dove Oxygen Moisture range

Dove blue 2

The Oxygen Moisture range’s advanced formulas allow women seeking volume to achieve beautifully moisturised hair with 95% more body & fullness***

This range is great if you have fine and flat hair like mine that needs added volume, moisture, and some extra TLC. Its formula contains Oxyfusion Technology, with oxygen-fused moisturising ingredients that deliver a balance of moisture and volume that are instantly and evenly dispersed throughout the hair. After using this range, my hair is definitely more manageable, is silky smooth, and has the most amazing shine again! Many women who have flat and fine hair avoid using conditioners because they believe conditioners will leave their hair feeling oily and weighed down. This range has definitely not made my hair oily at all and has instead left it feeling light and full of life.

  • Oxygen Moisture Shampoo – R69.99
  • Oxygen Moisture Conditioner – R69.99
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range

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The range is scientifically proven to nourish the hair internally, as well as nourish the hair’s surface to deliver 5x silkier hair.**

This range is great if you have dry hair that looks dull and needs nourishment that won’t weigh it down. It contains a blend of fine, pure drops of botanical oils, including African Macadamia Oil, that deeply nourish and pamper your hair. After using this range my hair felt weightless and had a non-greasy finish – so don’t let the word “oil” in the range’s name put you off from using it. The shampoo forms a rich and creamy lather, and the conditioner contains patented technology and Keratin Actives which help with detangling and increase smoothness.

  • Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo – R69.99
  • Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner – R69.99

You can purchase both ranges at most retailers, and the Pure Care Dry Oil range also includes a Treatment Mask that contains African Macadamia Oil, blended with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil, as well as a Dry Oil which contains Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Omega-7. Both ranges are pretty amazing and I will definitely purchase them once the ones I have are finished because my hair’s condition has definitely improved over the last few weeks. Thank you Dove for sending me both to try out.

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** Wet hair, shampoo and conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

*** Shampoo and conditioner vs. unwashed hair.