oh so heavenly bubble balm

Very rarely will I walk out of Clicks or Dischem without some sort of lip balm or lipgloss. I’d seen a number of posts on the Oh So Heavenly Balms and I was happy to finally find a Cupcake Kisses one in the tiny Clicks near my office. There are 3 different balms in the Oh So Heavenly range – Cupcake Kisses, Chocolate Caress and Strawberry Smooch. The packaging of these balms is very similar to the EOS lip balms I have. The EOS balms are a little pricey at around R100 each, but these balms from Oh So Heavenly are extremely reasonable at about R27 each. If I had to compare this Bubble Balm to EOS, I’d say they are pretty much of a muchness. The Cupcake Kisses Bubble Balm smells like super yummy vanilla cupcakes on my lips, and has a creamy texture that leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised during the day. I’m really glad I finally managed to get one and would definitely give these to friends as part of a birthday gift, or as a table gift at a kitchen tea or baby shower. These balms sell like hot cakes so if you see one at Clicks, make sure you don’t leave without it.