Lux soft touch 1

The Lux Soft Touch Softening Body Wash and Soap have the most beautiful and alluring scent! When I used the Softening Body Wash for the first time in the shower, I closed my eyes and imagined I was standing in a garden full of French Roses! I loved this body wash so much that I used almost the entire bottle in just one week. Lux treated me to a 200 ml bottle to try out, and I’d definitely suggest buying a larger 400 ml bottle.

Lux soft touch 2

The Soft Touch Bar Soap has the most delicate patterns embossed on it, which make it so beautiful that you just want to leave it on the edge of the bath instead of using it. The bar soap is creamy and leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky after I use it. Both the body wash and bar soap leave an elegant and timeless floral fragrance on my skin which I can’t get enough of.

  • Lux Body Wash 200 ml – R21,99
  • Lux Body Wash 400 ml – R34,99
  • Lux Body Wash 750 ml – R34,99
  • Lux Bar Soap 100 g – R5,99
  • Lux Bar Soap 175 g – R11,99

Thank you Lux for sending me the Soft Touch range to try out. I loved every minute of indulging in its beautiful scent and soft touch on my skin. Lux suggested I follow these 3 steps with Soft Touch range, and I would highly recommend them after a long day at the office.


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