Nivea Creme Care

The original Nivea Creme was the first product that I ever tried out in the Nivea range, and ever since I was a student, the creme’s scent has been extremely comforting to me. I first discovered that Nivea had brought out a Shower Cream with the same scent as the original Nivea Creme, while browsing Clicks during my lunch break one day.

When I opened the bottle for the first time, I could immediately smell the original Creme’s scent, and after I’d used this Shower Cream, its comforting scent lingered on my skin throughout the day. I absolutely love how its creamy formula forms a fluffy lather when I apply it to my skin! This shower cream contains HydraIQ moisture technology and Provitamin B5 and I’ve definitely found it to be more hydrating than the other regular shower gels I’d been using previously. It really leaves my skin feeling cleansed and cherished after I’ve used it.

I can’t remember offhand what this Shower Cream cost, because I bought it as part of a “3 for 2” promotion at Clicks, but my suggestion would be that if you find a promotion like that again, make sure you stock up on this Shower Cream!