Mani monday gloss studio July 2016

I am so excited to show off my new gelish mani that I had done this weekend at Gloss Nail Studio. Sarah had this exact same mani on her nails when I arrived for my appointment on Saturday and when she asked what colour I wanted, I asked if I could have the same one as hers. So many people have complimented me on my new mani and I have to thank her for making my short nails look so pretty.

Gloss Nail Studio has some fabulous prices, so if you live in Jozi and are thinking of having your nails done, give Sarah a call on 074 101 7228 or email her on


gloss nail studio


For those of you who haven’t had a gelish mani before, I normally have gelish on my nails for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how quickly my nails grow. My nails are quite weak, so I don’t have gelish manis too regularly, and in between the manis, I like to give my nails a chance to breathe and grow a bit. Other ladies I know of are lucky enough that they are able to keep switching out gelish colours every two weeks, and their nails still stay strong. I wish I had nails of steel like that.

Gelish is fun and easy to maintain if you have a super busy schedule (like me) and don’t have enough time to care for your nails and paint them. I would highly recommend having your nails done by Sarah, so make sure you book an appointment ASAP.

PS. Sarah also serves the most delicious coffee ever!