Louise Carver

Last week, Louise Carver’s jewellery collection was showcased at a pop up event at the Magnum Pleasure Store in Rosebank. Louise’s jewellery is truly as exquisite as she is, and I would love to own just about all of the pieces in the collection. While we were standing and admiring the jewellery on show, Louise gave us a quick run down of some of the pieces and what precious stones she had used. My personal favourite were the rose gold pieces!

Jewellery 2Rings


Plum: Why did you decide to design jewellery?

Louise: I started to design jewellery 6 years ago when I was given an opportunity to work with jewellery manufacturers in South Africa. It has taken all this time to understand the process, as well create my signature style, whilst still remaining affordably priced.

Plum: What is your favourite piece of jewellery, and why?

Louise: My favourite piece is a rose gold chain with a teardrop rose gold/ruby pendant. The ruby’s are pinkish in colour and combined with the warmth of the rose gold, it is truly a dazzling yet simple design.

Plum: How would you describe your style of jewellery?

Louise: My style is classic with a bit of an edge. The pieces are timeless, but always have an aspect to them that makes people comment on them. The jewellery is subtle, but strong, and is something you can wear forever. You can wear many of the pieces during the day and then go straight out to a dinner where they will be appropriate too. I design for busy, self-made women who don’t have time to fuss too much.

New York, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris, Istanbul – and now Joburg! The ultimate indulgence, Magnum Joburg opened at The Zone in Rosebank on Saturday 1 November, in celebration of Magnum’s 25th Birthday. The Magnum Pleasure Store has been travelling the globe since 2013, drawing crowds of public and celebrities, alike.

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After we had finished admiring the jewellery on display, we moved on to the Magnum station where we could make our own Magnum. I couldn’t wait to make mine and indulge in it!

my magnum

Open daily for a limited time of 8 weeks only, Magnum Joburg gives pleasure seekers the chance to celebrate their favourite ice cream by customising it with their choice of a decadent chocolate dip, and nearly 20 toppings from mint crunch to chilli flakes and rose petals to honeycomb.

I lost track of all of the toppings I put on it, but the ones I do remember were pink peppercorn brittle, maldon salt, chilli flakes, strawberry gems, and white chocolate balls. Salt and chilli may sound like a terrible topping on ice cream, but believe me it is amazing! The whole Magnum was DELISH! If you love Magnum as much as I do, you need to grab your purse and head down to the store ASAP.

They Magnum Pleasure Store is open daily until 8 pm (except Sundays when it closes at 5 pm). The Make My Magnum experience costs R40, which includes your choice of 3 premium toppings.

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