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It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, which is ironic since I have photographed products and planned different posts in my head. I guess the last few months have been proof that life happens and sometimes you need to let it happen – even when it doesn’t match your perfect mapped out plan and bullet journal list.

If you follow me on social you’ll probably have seen that I am moving overseas in August. As I sit here I can’t believe it is going to happen in 2.5 months. That may sound like plenty of time, but it’s not. I am going to Botswana next week for the Toyota 1000 Desert Race in Jwaneng, Botswana, and after that have some launches for work, another SACCS rally in Bronkhorstspruit, and then I begin packing my life into 2 suitcases.

I’m moving to Paris for work which is something I am so grateful for and also still in shock a little. I started a new job in January and was given the most amazing opportunity! I am going to work on a project overseas for a few months AND will be visiting Silicon Valley! Guys, the chance to actually visit Facebook, Google and Twitter make the geek in me soooo friggin’ excited for this! After my work trip ends, I will then move back to SA when I am done. I am leaving Jack behind which makes my heart incredibly sore and that is the biggest anxiety I currently feel, but I know his foster mommy who is moving into my place will love him and care for him until I get back. I have never been to Europe or the US, so this is a double opportunity for me. I am moving into an apartment in Paris and will be walking to work every day. Will be a little weird not having a car anymore, but I definitely will not miss traffic on William Nicol every day. I am looking forward to this adventure, taking photos, meeting new people and exploring! I’ll definitely be blogging from that side and sharing my adventures with you.

I have started French lessons at work and have to say it’s way more difficult than I thought, but I am trying my best to learn it and have seen that regular practice and homework really helps. I can introduce myself, tell you where I live, that I have a cat, what I do for a living, where I have travelled and worked. Every week we build on more and my French teacher is c’est magnifique! People must think I’m nuts when they see me in traffic because I practice in the car and repeat all the phrases and sentences I am learning to build.

After my work trip I am meeting my sibling in New York. Going there has been a dream we have shared for a long time! We are staying with a friend for 2 weeks and are super excited to explore. I want to go to a 24-hour diner for some pie, catch a cab, see some of the tourist spots for myself, try hotdogs on the sidewalk, get a Starbucks keto coffee, and explore Target! Again I want to take as many photos and videos to keep all these memories because I don’t know when next I will head that way.

Once our holiday is over I will then move back to SA and start life here again in January 2019 – and with my little Prince Jack.

So before the adventure starts, I need to get visas, buy luggage, plan clothes (I’ll be going from our winter into theirs – and I am not a fan of winter), declutter my house for Jack’s foster mommy to move into my place and mentally prepare myself to move to a new city and start a whole new routine.

In a couple of my social posts I’ve written that this is the year of new experiences and I have made that a bit of a mantra. I have gone for two spins in rally cars (what a thrill!), have started a new job where I am learning so much and can now tell you about lubricants and cars, I ran a 10KM race the other night with one of my closest friends and we started running night runs through Rosebank after work. I have loved trying all these new things and having fun. I have even found that I have started laughing more and right from the pit of my belly!

It’s June and I haven’t hit all of my goals I set, but I have hit so many more the last while that I hadn’t even dreamt of. It’s been so awesome!

I really am looking forward to the next 6 months of new experiences.