Garnier toner

I’ve been using toners as part of my cleansing routine for as long as I can remember. Initially I started using them to help get rid of the oiliness on my face. Now I use them to help remove the last bit of make-up from my skin after cleansing, to tighten my pores, and soothe my sensitive skin. When I was younger certain toners used to burn my skin and I was put off using them. But over the years toners seem to have come a long way and I have found that there are many out there now that soothe sensitive skin. I’ve definitely had to try a few out in order to figure out which ones work for me.

This is a newish Garnier toner that I found about a month or so ago. The colour is what attracted me to it at first while shopping. It’s a very fresh looking green that does a good job of standing out on the shelf! I chose this one because it purifies and tightens pores (something I look for in a toner), it’s enriched with green tea and moringa extracts (doesn’t sound like it will irritate my skin), it’s for combination to oily skin (perfect for me), and it’s suitable for sensitive skin (sold!).

I’ve been using this toner for about a month now and am happy to report that my pores have definitely become smaller. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all, which is great because in winter my skin tends to get a bit more sensitive than usual. If I had breakouts my skin did tingle a little bit when I wiped toner over it, but it wasn’t a burning sensation and didn’t aggravate the breakouts. And it does leave my skin feeling purified after I’ve used it.

How do you use toner?

– Cleanse your face with your regular cleanser

– Apply a little bit of toner to a cotton round or cotton wool, and wipe across your face

– Apply your serum, moisturiser (day or night) and eye cream

– Apply your make-up or go out with a fresh face that is make-up free

I usually use toner twice a day in summer, but in winter I only use it at night. I don’t really have too much shine on my skin at the moment so I will have to see in summer how well this toner works when it claims “shine be gone”. Not everyone uses toner or feels they are necessary, and I guess it depends on what you prefer as a cleansing routine. I do see results when I use it and am happy that it tigthens my pores, and also helps remove that lost bit of make-up residue at the end of the day.

A bottle of toner lasts me quite long so I don’t have to buy it every month. It will also depend on how much you apply to a cotton round.  This toner sells for about R59.99 and is available at most retailers.