Aussie hair care

If you haven’t yet smelt the awesomeness that is the Aussie hair care range, do yourself a favour and take a quick whiff of the products the next time you are in Clicks. The first thing I noticed when I used the Aussie range for the first time was how amazingly yummy they smell (so yummy that you’ll find yourself sniffing your hair every now and then). I was sent these three products to try out for a month and I couldn’t wait to get started!

My hair is in pretty good condition, so I don’t need a rich shampoo. One of the highlights of the Mega Shampoo is that its clear, yet lather rich, formula carefully cleanses hair of build-up, leaving you with squeaky clean, bouncy locks – no matter how much product you’ve been plastering on. This shampoo contains the uplifting Australian Kangaroo Paw flower.

The Mega Instant Conditioner is light enough that I could use it daily – and it didn’t make my hair too oily too quickly. It also left my hair with a great shine that made it look extra healthy, and it had more volume so it didn’t fall flat after a few hours.

I’ve tried a few sample sachets of the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor before, and was ecstatic to receive a full-size bottle of it. I use it once a week (leaving it in for 3 minutes) when my hair really needs some extra love and attention. It’s too rich to use more often than that. So what’s in this miracle product? Australian Balm Mint. Never heard of it? No worries, just say ‘pleased to meet you’ and your hair will be eternally grateful. It’s part of our magical, miraculous formula that helps mend split ends and repair roughened cuticles.

On the whole I am impressed with this range and the fact that I could go for 2 days without having to wash my hair. That is a huge bonus for me as I generally have to wash my hair every day. The only thing I would change about these products, is I would swop the size of the conditioner bottle with the shampoo bottle because I always finish the conditioner of any range first.

The Aussie range is a little pricier than the other brands on shelves, but it is worth it. Even if you get it and only use it every so often as a treat.