Soft skin that smells great. Well, I sure do!

Iconic beauty brand LUX is dedicated to women. LUX knows that when a woman feels beautiful, she behaves differently, radiating a confidence that attracts those around her – starting with her significant other.

The LUX Spark Research – which was carried out with 3 000 women in 6 countries: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa – revealed some of the secrets around igniting the spark …



Women across the globe are ready to set the world – and their partner’s passions – on fire!

So what do women rank as their top spark confidence boosters?

49% said soft skin

45% said a fragrance

41% said their favourite outfit


South African women said their top spark confidence boosters are: 

43% said their favourite outfit

42% said soft skin

41% said a fragrance

Global research revealed that the ultimate confidence booster is having irresistible, touchable skin that radiates softness, with nearly 49% of women citing soft skin as their go-to confidence booster!

“Think about the moment you step into the shower … In an instant you are revelling in an opulent bouquet and the fresh, fruity top notes of LUX Velvet Touch. Feeling sensuous and sassy, all at once, imagine the feminine mischief you’ll create. Or bathe in LUX Soft Touch and get ready for the electric thrill of skin-on-skin. A seductive pink floral infusion of rose and violet captivates your senses. Indulgent, yet within reach of every woman, LUX Soft Touch was crafted to accentuate your feminine, playful side. We can’t tell you how irresistibly soft and sensuous your skin will feel. You’ll have to experience it for yourself! And with eight different fragrances … there’s bound to be one just for you! The NEW LUX classic body wash, infused with delicate floral notes and softening SilkEssence™, moisturises in a way that leaves a woman’s skin irresistible to touch. It only takes a few moments in the shower or bath to instantly revel in the range’s indulgent new scents. Both LUX Velvet Touch and LUX Soft Touch help create the effortlessly feminine confidence that easily ignites the spark.”

Start your day off with one of these fragrances, or lose yourself in one of them while taking a hot shower or bath at the end of a l-o-n-g day:

Soft Touch

For noticeably soft skin. With SilkEssence™ and Pink Floral Infusion.

Velvet Touch

For noticeably velvety skin. With SilkEssence™, Almond Oil and Opulent Bouquet.

Soft Caress

For noticeably smooth skin. With SilkEssence™ and Delicate White Flowers.


Sheer Twilight

For a long lasting, enchanting fragrance. With Fragrance Pearls™ of Black Orchid and Juniper Oil.


Scarlet Blossom

For a long lasting, mesmerising fragrance. With Fragrance Pearls™ of Egyptian Violet and Elemi Oil .


Shake Me Up

For revitalised, refreshed skin. With refreshing Mint and Chilled Cucumber.


Wake Me Up

For invigorated, refreshed skin. With refreshing Mineral Salts and Seaweed.


Evenly Beautiful

For evenly gorgeous skin. With Burnt Brown Sugar, Karite Butter and Almond Extract.

200 ml Body Wash R18.99

400 ml Body Wash R31.99

750ml Body Wash R51.99









LUX 100 g Beauty Soap R5.99

LUX 200 g Beauty Soap R9.99