I had really wanted to do this post last week Monday, but life happened while I was busy making plans and to-do lists, I still don’t have an ADSL connection in my new place (grrr), and I had a crazy busy week at the office.

So here goes! I’ve been using the Aqualight for 3 weeks now, and this post pretty much sums up how the second week went.

One of the things I’ve noticed after using the new Pantene Aqualight shampoo and conditioner is that I can go for two days without having to wash my hair. Generally I can’t get away with that because my hair is pretty oily, but the Aqualight range has really been light enough that I don’t even need to use dry shampoo on the second day.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that my hair has become quite brittle and is falling out a little more than usual. I can’t blame this on the Aqualight range because I’ve been under a massive amount of stress over the last two weeks, and when I am extremely stressed my hair falls out and my skin breaks out. So I used a Pantene hair mask over the weekend for a little TLC (not part of this trial, but a moisturising one I had in my cupboard), have let my hair air-dry, and am working on staying calm when under pressure. I’ll let you know if my hair has improved over week 3 and 4.

If you missed my first post about the Pantene Aqualight range that I am reviewing as part of a blogger trial for Pantene, take a look here.