nivea hand cream2

This cream is an old faithful! I have been using it for years and still love it because it’s formulated with jojoba oil and Vitamin E and provides just the right amount of moisturisation that I need. Lately I’ve been struggling with extremely dry hands and I think the hand soap in our bathroom at work is too harsh for my skin, so I grabbed this hand cream the other day in Dischem and am using it regularly again. It’s extremely nourishing without being sticky or oily and leaves my skin smelling fresh.

The great thing about this cream is that it’s an everyday cream that you can also use on your face and body. I’ve got sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and this cream has never irritated my face or resulted in breakouts the morning after using it. So if you have run out of night cream, or forgot yours at home while travelling, instead of not putting anything on your face, rather apply this cream to it.

I paid R19.95 for this 75 ml tube, and the tub, which is 200 ml, costs about R35. You can find this cream at most stores that stock Nivea products. I would definitely recommend this cream for winter.