People often guess my age and get it wrong and I still get IDd at many venues. I’ve been really lucky not to have aged very quickly and still look younger than I am. When people guess my age they usually guess 4 years younger than I actually am.

Last year I discovered Avon’s Genics range. I’d heard a lot of people’s raving about this range and decided I had to try it. I bought the cream first and tried it out. It smells amazing and was just the moisture boost I needed during the dry and cold months to keep my skin happy. I could really see an improvement in my skin after using the moisturiser for a month. I later purchased the treatment and use both of them at night. The cream is too thick to be used during the day.

Genics has great claims, the biggest one being that it leaves you looking up to 10 years younger! It dramatically reduces the appearance of discolorations and wrinkles and leaves skin feeling firmer. I will definitely have Genics as my skincare routine for years to come!