New beginnings are pretty cool things. They give you the chance to try something new, close the door on negative energy in a toxic environment and start again. With that comes new choices, challenges, opportunities, excitement and happiness. Think about it, how often do you get a chance to start over? Not often.

Today was day 1 of my new chapter in life. I must admit my body was feeling a little tired and sluggish because the high levels of stress, anxiety and adrenaline have now subsided. I am hoping after a second good night’s sleep that I will feel refreshed and back to my normal self again.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstpruit for Chinese New Year. I absolutely love going there and sitting inside the temple. I feel so at peace and a lot less weighed down by life in general. Nan Hua is the largest Buddhist temple and seminary in Africa. I’m definitely taking my camera with so I will share some photos with you of the day’s events.

don't be scared

don't resist

you create