If you know me well, then you’ll know how much I love bright lipstick! When I walk up to a make-up counter, the beautiful, bright, fun colours are the ones that always call out to me first. But over the last few months, I’ve found myself wearing a lot more nudes on my lips. There are two nudes that I have really fallen in love with – MAC Crème Cup and Maybelline Warm Me Up.

MAC Crème Cup

MAC Crèmesheen Crème Cup is a pretty pink nude which feels extra creamy once applied. I love pairing it with a smokey eye and often get asked what colour it is when I wear it. The colour unfortunately doesn’t last as long as the brighter amplified crème MAC shades, so every few hours I need to do a quick touch-up. I often apply a pink, shimmery gloss over this lipstick to give it a little more shine. Unlike the amplified crème shades which dry my lips out towards the end of the day, Crème Cup doesn’t dry them out at all.

Mac creme cup PM

Mac creme cup 2Mac creme cup 3

Maybelline Warm Me Up

Maybelline Color Sensational Warm Me Up is yet another Maybelline product that I discovered while watching one of Still Glamorus’ YouTube videos. It looked amazing on her lips, so I set out to find one at Dischem almost immediately. Warm Me Up is a pink-brown nude that also feels creamy when you apply it. It lasts longer on my lips than Creme Cup does so I don’t have to do touch-ups as often, and it doesn’t dry my lips out which is great.

Maybelline warm me up 3 PM

Maybelline warm me up 2

Maybelline warm me up

If you’re looking for a new nude lipstick, I suggest trying these two out. I’m really happy with both and would definitely repurchase them.