On 19 December my brother and I took our mom to the JHB Zoo to see the Christmas lights and have a picnic for dinner. We got there just before the sun set and couldn’t wait to walk around and spot some animals. We grew up in the bush next to the Kruger Park and growing up learnt a lot about nature and wildlife. Just as we arrived we were lucky enough to see a bear, pumas, a tiger, lions, armadillos and a few other animals. My highlight of the evening was patting a Shire Draught Horse! What a beauty! Once the sun had set we could no longer see the animals so we walked to the Christmas lights and got to see the beautiful Christmas tree that had been erected on the lawn. Many families were there enjoying family time and picnics on their blankets. All in all we had a great night out and enjoyed a special birthday with our mom at the Zoo.

xmas tree at the zoo

night lights
Me and sib at the zoo

mom and me at the zoo

Me and horse at zoo