NUDES-Expert Wear Pallette-Pack

I first saw Maybelline The Nudes palette on a YouTube make-up tutorial video. I am a huge fan of nude shadows and 90% of the time that is my go-to-colour for my eye make-up. So of course when I saw this I wanted to get my hands on it immediately! Unfortunately it hasn’t come to South Africa, but I am still hopeful it will and am holding thumbs. There are 12 shades to play with and they look amazing in the video I watched as well as in swatching posts I’ve seen on other beauty blogs.

I’ve also seen other Maybelline products in posts on Instagram and decided to check out the US site. There are so many great products on there that we don’t get here 🙁

Here is a list of the other products that I would love to get my hands on:


Fit Me Bronzer

This would be perfect for spring and summer which are just around the corner. This bronzer is lightweight and blends easily.


Color Whisper by Color Sensational

Pure colour pigment suspended in a colourless gel. This sexy gel colour sounds amazing and from the photos I’ve seen leaves you with a soft see-through colour.

master glaze

Face Studio Master Glaze 

These blush stick contains shea butter so it will feel extra creamy when you apply it. I love cream blush especially because they are just what you need for a dewy glow on your cheeks.


Clean Express Facial Towelettes

These oil-free wipes claim to break down and remove make-up quickly. They sound perfect for when traveling and especially when you need to remove make-up before a gym class. Their also suitable for sensitive skin which is something I battle with.


Clean Express Flash Clean

The label says it removes, cleanses and moisturises skin. What more could you ask for when removing make-up? It also claims to be soothing and lightweight, and it contains moringa extract.

Hopefully all of these products will eventually come to South Africa! It would be such a pity if they didn’t.