Pink flamingo

Pink flamingo 2

It’s been a while since I last did a Mani Monday post. Things have been so busy on my side that I haven’t had much time to paint my nails, and I also decided to give my nails a break after having gelish on them. So today’s post is about a colour I had on my nails a few weeks ago.

I’d seen a gorgeous pink mani on Facebook one night while scrolling through my feed, and when I went back to look for it the next morning so that I could get the name of the Morgan Taylor polish used, I wasn’t able to find it. When it was time to have my gelish removed, I decided I wanted a bright pink colour on my nails and Pink Flame-ingo was hard to miss on the shelf of polishes when I was choosing a colour. After the first coat had been applied to my nails, I knew this was the colour that I would definitely wear a lot of in summer and I bought the colour after I’d had my mani done! If you’re looking for a bright colour for your nails for summer, I’d suggest you try Morgan Taylor’s Pink Flame-ingo.

You can buy Morgan Taylor polishes at Dischem and Sorbet, as well as at some beauty salons.