My nails never grow past a certain length and I’ve always been happy with my short nails, but lately I’ve taken a liking to coffin nails in nude colours. Yip, that’s correct, coffin nails. Have you ever gone to have your nails done and battled to explain to the nail technician what shape you would like? Well, I found a really great guide that visually demonstrates nail shapes which may help you out the next time you have your nails done.

nail shapes

A few bloggers that I follow have their nails shaped in the coffin style and it has really grown on me, especially when they paint pretty nude colours on their nails. I usually have my nails filed in a squoval shape (which I used to call “square” but found that the sharp pointed edges tended to catch on everything, so now I opt for squoval) but I now want to try a different shape. For my birthday next month, I think I need to treat myself to some nude coffin nails. Here are some of my nail inspiration pics that I have pinned on Pinterest.

coffin nails 4


coffin nails 1


coffin nails 2


coffin nails 3


coffin nails 5