Midi rings

wearing midi rings

I’m currently loving the midi ring trend! Cosmopolitan summed these rings up so well: They’re like midi dresses that stop between your knee and ankle, they sit between your fingertip and first knuckle. At the moment winter has made it hard to enjoy wearing my new midi rings because they are always hidden inside gloves. I can’t wait for summer so that I can enjoy wearing them. The great thing about midi rings is you can stack them, as you would do with regular rings. I have quite skinny fingers so I generally battle to find rings that fit comfortably. These midi rings fit perfectly! Many people have asked me whether midi rings annoy me or uncomfortable, and my answer is no. So don’t be put off the next time you see a great ring and it looks teeny tiny. It’s probably a midi ring.

I got my rings in the images above from It’s a Bling Thing. Jane had a great variety of rings to choose from and at really affordable prices, so you can splurge a little. It’s a Bling Thing are hosting a pop-up shop at Tanaz Hair Body Nails in Jozi on Saturday 19 July. I can’t wait!

Here are some midi ring pics I saw on Pinterest:

wongzilla midi ring

sulia.com midi rings

ellandceebride midi rings

howtochic midi rings