Confident – I wish I had felt like this when I started my period 20 years ago.

Confident to carry on with my daily chores, school, and sports while on my period, as if nothing was different about me. Confident in a pad that would leave me feeling comfortable and most importantly protected.

When I was about 13, I was at a friend’s house for a sleep over and I remember getting up to go to the loo and noticing that my pad had leaked and it had ended up on my school dress. I was mortified! My period was a super new part of my life and I didn’t feel like I had things in control. I couldn’t wait to go back home a hide at home where I could keep checking my panties and make sure that nothing else had leaked out, and quietly deal with my period where no one would know I was on it. From that night onwards, I was extremely self-conscious about being on my period …

Fast forward to my thirties and there have been great advances in personal hygiene products since I was in my early teens. Always has come a long way over the years and they recently launched their Always Maxi pads.

The new Always Maxi has:

  • A flexible top-sheet which will give you security and softness
  • A Smart Lock System for faster absorption
  • Up to 100% protection

I wish I’d had these when I first started my period because these pads currently leave me feeling confident. I’m confident that I won’t have any leaks that will leave me feeling mortified again! No more double and triple checking my skirt or dress in the bathroom at work to see if I am A-Okay. These pads are discreet and comfy enough that I can go to the gym and still attend my favourite yoga or spinning class without feeling uncomfortable.

So, now that Always Maxi Pads have helped me finally discover my confidence, what Maxi Move do I have lined up for 2018? Well, I’ve already taken the first step to my dream I’ve had for a while. I have a new job that I started in January and have never felt more powerful in my new role. I have a lot of travelling lined up and with Always Maxi I’m not stressed at all about being on my period away from home, and out at events. My next Maxi Move for 2018 is running a 5 km race by June, and then a 10 km race by September. Far too often I skip gym because I’m on my period and don’t feel like I can enjoy a workout and really push myself. A flexible top-sheet, Smart Lock System and 100% protection have quickly put an end to all these excuses. 2018 is my year to dominate and defy expectations!

As women, having comfortable protection that fits your move is a game changer!

I’d love to hear what your #MaxiMove is this year. Share how you’ve been able to defy expectations on the Always Facebook page here. You can also share your stories on Twitter by tagging @AlwayZA and on Instagram by tagging @Always_sa. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #MaxiMove so that we can follow your stories.

“You need confidence to break the stereotype and defy expectations as a young woman!”


This post is sponsored by Always® South Africa.