urban hairspray

Pretty packaging grabs my attention all the time when I am shopping, and that’s exactly what happened when I was walking down the hair care aisle in Clicks one day and came across the Fudge Urban range. The rest of the range’s packaging has bright pinks and oranges which all look like tons of fun. I love the smell of coconut and this iced coconut cocktail hair spray sounded extra delicious! I tried this hair spray out the other day after I had used my hair tong. Generally I spray quite a bit of hair spray over my curls so that they stay in place for hours, so that’s exactly what I did with this new product. I probably should have payed more attention to the 9/10 rating on the bottle for strength. My hair smelt great during the day (just like a tropical holiday), but I couldn’t run my fingers through my curls at all. That night i tried to brush my hair and that didn’t work too well either, so I left it and decided that a good shampoo and condition the next morning would do the trick and get it soft again. I tried the product once more when my hair was tied in a pony and I wanted to smooth back flyaways. It really worked well for that and I didn’t need to reapply any hair spray during the day. My advice would be that this is a great hair spray if you are tying up your hair, or you don’t want it to ever move out of place (especially for 48 hours). For loose locks, rather don’t use this hair spray – it’s pretty hard core! A hair spray with a much lighter hold would be your best option.