A few months back during lockdown, Nivea’s PR agency contacted me about sending me some skincare products. I turned 37 this year and have definitely become a lot more particular about the skincare products I use and their benefits. I let the agency know that I was looking for products for fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye area, and they sent me three Q10 Power skincare products:

I regularly use the Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Cream and the Nivea Q10 + Vitamin C Firming Body Lotion (both with anti-ageing and firming benefits) and love them, and have tried the Q10 Power Serum previously, but not the other Q10 Power skincare products.

So what does the Q10 in the product names stand for? According to the Nivea website:

NIVEA Q10 contains coenzyme Q10 that is 100% identical to the Q10 produced by your skin. It naturally refills your skin’s own anti-age defence.


My initial impression of the range is that the texture is amazing and it left my skin feeling smooth! The texture is silky and sinks into my skin almost immediately without leaving it oily. I also liked the information that’s shared on the box packaging of the products. I always want to know what is in the product and what the benefits are when buying a product. If you’ve thrown the box away, don’t stress, you can take a look at the Nivea website for more info on all the products.

Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle & Brightening Eye Cream

I often struggle with eye creams because they make my eye area quite puffy and oily, but this product didn’t which was a relief! This eye cream has anti-ageing benefits and:

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of eye contour wrinkles,
  • Visibly reduces dark under-eye circles,
  • Leaves you with tangibly firmer eye contour skin,
  • Is skin and eye compatibility dermatologically and opthamologically approved, and
  • Is suitable for contact lens users.

Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle Pore Refining Day Cream SPF 15

Unfortunately this product started off great when I applied it, but during the day I found that my eyes would become insanely itchy and I’d end up scratching and rubbing them. I think one of the ingredients in this cream just didn’t agree with me and sadly I couldn’t carry on using it to try out. This cream has anti-ageing benefits and:

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles in 4 weeks,
  • Leaves skin feeling firmer in 4 weeks,
  • Intensively nourishes skin for 24hrs,
  • Is skin compatibility dermalogically approved, and
  • Suitable for sensitive skin (but unfortunately not mine).

Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle & Firming Night Cream

Fortunately this product didn’t make my eyes itch and I am still using it. I also like the fact that it doesn’t make my skin oily during the night which many night care products do. Rich night care products also make me breakout (the Nivea Q10 Power Serum unfortunately did this), and this one hasn’t done that which is a huge plus for me. This night cream has anti-ageing benefits and:

  • Provides intensive moisture throughout the night,
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles,
  • Regenerates the skin during the night, and
  • Leaves you with regenerated and younger looking skin.

After using these 3 products, I would definitely repurchase the eye cream and the night cream for myself.

Looking through the Nivea website, I realised now that I use their face wash, skincare, body lotions and creams, shower cream, hand cream, face mask and roll-on. I think I need to do a post on all the Nivea products I currently have in my bathroom and repeat purchase.

Thank you Nivea and Symbiotic for sending me these goodies.