So a while back I did a post after I attended the 27Pinkx event at the Saxon Hotel and I listed the make-up organiser as one of items on my wishlist. Well my wish came true and I was lucky enough to be treated to this organiser by the gorgeous ladies from 27Pinkx! My make-up was previously stored in plastic drawers, but they weren’t anything as chic as this mini organiser. The great thing about packing all of my make-up into this mini organiser is that I got to go through my make-up and throw things away that were long past their expiry date as well as reacquaint myself with some items I had long forgotten I had. (Yes that happens a lot when your make-up isn’t organised and neatly displayed.) Now that my make-up is neatly displayed I find that I don’t waste time rummaging through containers and drawers anymore (especially when you are running late in the mornings), trying to find that lipstick I know I saw a few days ago. This mini organiser may not look very big but you’d be amazed at just how many products you can fit in the drawers. My dressing table looks so chic and organised with this on it!

organiser 1

organiser 2

organiser 3

Ladies this is definitely an investment. If you would like to order one of these perspex mini organsiers you can get one from the 27Pinkx online store for R1200. And one of the great things about 27Pinkx is that they deliver for free throughout South Africa.

Hope you enjoy your organiser as much as I am enjoying mine! Thank you again Khatija and Anjum for my chic mini organiser.


PS. If you look carefully at the top photo you will see a 27Pinkx palette peeking out of the bottom drawer. I’m giving this palette away to one lucky reader! Keep an eye out in the next week for my giveaway post.