On Monday night Pippa and I headed out to the Baron on Main for Paint Nite. When I received the invite I was quite curious to see what it was all about. Once we’d arrived we grabbed a glass of wine and sat down at a long table that had canvases all set up and waiting for us. Next to each canvas was a cup with water, some brushes and a serviette.

Salli van Druten welcomed us all and gave us a brief overview of the concept of Paint Nite, which has quickly grown in popularity all over the world and is now in South Africa. Basically you drink, paint and connect. What better way to spend an evening than drinking creatively!

Once our paint arrived in front of us the talented Tammy Pannall, professional artist and guide for the night, took us through each step, carefully explaining which paints we should mix and which brushes to use. Once she had given us the step we were left to paint our canvas and have fun.

step 1

step 2

Step 3

step 4

Paint Nite's photo of Pips and I
Paint Nite’s photo of Pips and I

The 2 hours flew by! I couldn’t believe it when I realised the room had quietened down and we’d been talking, painting and drinking for 2 hours. My blank canvas had been transformed into a masterpiece!

step 5

At the end of the night we able to walk around and look at everyone elses canvases. I loved seeing how each person had interpreted the instructions and made their painting their own.

Thank you Paint Nite and Pink Vanilla for the invite. We had SO much fun that evening and can’t wait to attend one again!

Paint Nite's photo of all of our masterpieces
Paint Nite’s photo of all of our masterpieces
Paint Nite's photo of Pips and I
Paint Nite’s photo of Pips and I

The next Paint Nite is happening on Monday, 26 May, so make sure you get your tickets ASAP. There were only 6 places left when I last looked. You can buy them here. You can find Paint Nite on Facebook and Twitter.

Tips for the evening:

  1. Have fun! Drink creatively and don’t hold back, let the creative juices flow as you paint.
  2. Take a friend with. It’s so much fun to chat while painting and enjoying a glass of wine on these cold winter evenings.
  3. Make sure you aren’t wearing your Sunday best. You’ll be painting with acrylic paints and these can stain your clothes. Rather opt for your older pair of jeans and comfy top or jersey.
  4. You’ll be drinking while painting so make sure you have a designated driver or a prearranged taxi that can take you home.