Okay so winter is still a few months away but the shops are already starting to unpack their autumn/winter stock. I’m one of the first people to cling to my summer skirts and sandals, even if that means freezing my tooshie off, because I hate wearing layers of bulky clothing that leaves me feeling like a marshmallow man.

Very rarely do I walk out of Pick n Pay Clothing without a top or cardi. Today I walked out with 2 great jerseys and a top.

I couldn’t decide between the neon jersey or the black one (both would look awesome with jeans and pumps) so I decided to get both (R125 each). The neon one for the days I feel like standing out and black one for every other day.

new jerseys

I also got another top (R69.99) with neon stripes that caught my eye from the bottom of the shelf. It has a boat neckline which I love because they are always very flattering.

new top 2

In winter I often feel like the clothes are all dreary greys, browns and blacks and this year I can’t wait to look a little more cheerful in neon.