Whether you’ve found “the one” or you’re still on the dating scene, we all need a hero in our life. No cape is needed, just the care and support of a “significant other”, there to help us in our times of need. If you’re single or otherwise, the great news is that Pantene has lined up a range of styling heroes to give you all the love you need on all hair days, both good and bad.

Pantene to the rescue

Styling products are an essential part of any hair style and can make the difference between your do lasting all day and night, or falling flat right before that important meeting or date! Internationally acclaimed trichologist and hair hero to women from across the globe, Dr John Gray explains that to prevent your tresses from malfunctioning, haircare regimes should not only consist of steps one, two and three but also focus on perfecting a great end look.

“Styling is an important part of achieving the perfect end look, and while nourishing your various hair types by shampooing and conditioning is vital, having it look even better ends with Pantene’s styling range, which comes to the rescue of all hair styling complaints,” says Dr Gray.

Styling super powers

From gloss serums to moisturising soufflés, Pantene’s styling products offer the perfect finish to every look. Whether you need a spray for everyday protection from heat, or to smooth down your locks before a ladies’ night out, Pantene’s following range of heroic styling products has the solution for you:

Pant R&P Heat Def Spray 150ml_small

1.     Heat Defence Gloss Spray: Protects against heat damage, enhances shine and controls frizz leaving hair beautifully smooth. (I’m currently testing this, so keep an eye out for my review at the end of the month.)

Pant R&P Split End Serum 75ml

2.     Split End Mender Serum: Offers intensive nourishment to damaged hair prone to breakage by deeply infusing dry and damaged tips, helping to repair and protect split ends.

3.     24-Hour Frizz Fighter: This rich frizz-fighting creamy formula with micro-smoothers protects hair against humidity to help keep frizz from forming. It works with hair to silken each hair strand for satin-like smoothness all day long.


4.     Deep Moisture Soufflé:  Combines the luxurious air-whipped Pantene Pro-V formula with a blend of four moisturisers transforming dry hair into intensively moisturised silky soft hair. Also available for coloured or highlighted hair.

5.     Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing Dual-Phase Spray: A blend of two formulas, it instantly helps to fortify fine hair, helping to protect against damage without weighing hair down. It also provides detangling for easy combing and immediate smoothness.


6.     Colour Protect & Shine Spray: With its Double Effect Complex, this provides instant colour protection and healthy looking shine for coloured or highlighted hair.

7.     Colour Brilliance Serum: Offers vibrant brilliance for coloured or highlighted hair.

8.     Strengthening Serum: Nourishes hair and gives touchable softness.

Style Secrets

Every hero has a few secret super powers up their well-muscled sleeves. Add Dr Gray’s following tips to your styling repertoire to give your tresses the stylish boost they need:

“Only add silicone-based products to the ends of oily hair to prevent added oiliness at the scalp and remember that styling products with silicone will temporarily smooth down and add shine making your locks more luscious. Work styling wax into your hair with warm hands to make it easier to manage and control. Make sure your styling products are suitable for your hair type. And if you’re blonde, serums, glosses and wax are best as they don’t dull the colour,” advises Dr Gray.

Working with flat, frizzy, dry or dull hair? Pantene’s hero styling products won’t let you down. Get the perfect end look and become the heroine of your own story, which sees your beautifully styled hair-do become your ultimate super power.