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Every year my mom and I try to get out to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstpruit for Chinese New Year. Nan Hua Temple is the largest temple and seminary in Africa. This year, on 2 February, we managed to get out to it and I am so glad we did! The first time I went to the temple I was blown away by its beauty and all of the cultural festivities for new year. It’s definitely become increasingly popular with tourists because every time I go there are more and more people. You have to get there early so that you get a good spot with a view of the dragon and lion dances in the morning.

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When the show is done you can walk around the grounds, try out different foods, do some shopping at the little stalls and go inside the big temple. One of the things I love doing at Nan Hua is sitting inside the big temple where you can sit quietly, take in your surroundings, watch people who’ve come to pray and say a little prayer yourself.

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I got some dumplings for lunch, one of my favourite asian foods, and I finally got to try out bubble tea also known as pearl milk tea. I quite enjoyed it! After visiting the big temple and taking photos my mom and I settled on the grass and enjoyed stir fried vegetables with noodles and sushi. At two of the stalls I bought a beautiful tea cup, with a strainer that fits on top, for my green tea and a lucky bamboo plant for the house.

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Envelopes were handed out to all of us for new year which had a coin, a card with a message and a golden card. The paper in mine said “Show happiness with your expression. Bear responsibilities with your shoulders. Make a better life with your smile. Embrace the world with your heart”.

new year card

There is also an amazing wishing tree where you can make a wish. I first made a wish there in 2011 and made another one this year for 2014. You get a coin with a ribbon attached and you are supposed to write down a wish and then take the coin and ribbon and throw them into the tree. A man who works at the temple told me that your wish begins as soon as you write it down on the ribbon. He also told me that my mind is very powerful and can make my wishes come true. I’m looking forward to my wish this year.

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All in all it was a great day out and I can’t wait to go back next year again! Wishing you all a prosperous year of the horse!

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