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The other night I attended the Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere event that Marie Claire hosted at Edgars in Sandton City. When I arrived I was offered a glass of champagne and Kylee from Marie Claire introduced herself and made sure I was fine. While waiting for the host, Editor Aspasia Karras, we were treated to hand massages and make-up sessions with the super-talented make-up artists. We also go to smell the delightful new Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere fragrance.

Aspasia talk edited pic2

Aspasia talk edited 2

When Aspasia started the fashion trend presentation we were all wowed by her gorgeous outfit – a crop top, midi skirt and socks with heels! Too pretty! Instead of the usual advice about what we should buy for winter, she rather told us what we should be buying for spring. Trends you can look forward to are polka dots, crop tops, midi skirts, orange lips, unkept brows, side path hairstyle, slogan tees, sneakers and normcore (a trend Aspasia is not a fan of). So make sure you stock up on these for spring.

After the talk we all got to mingle with the other ladies and meet the beautiful editor. My friend Vanessa had her make-up done and they did ombre lips with winged eyes. She looked absolutely stunning! I would love to try the ombre look on my lips one day. For my make-up I chose a green/gunmetal eyeshadow and red lips.


Vanessa and I

Hildegard and Vanessa 2

A highlight of the evening was getting to meet Hildegard for the first time. We’ve chatted on Instagram and Twitter and it was so great finally meeting this pretty lady. At the end of the night we were treated to a Marie Claire magazine and some Chanel samples to try out. All in all we had a great evening out!

Chanel goodies and mag